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Here it is!!! This is the main page that I will be 
UPDATING frequently for the the hard on BP fans! 
... so sit back and enjoy the ride :)

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       Meet Joe Black  (1998)
Brad Pitt/Anthony Hopkins/Clair Forlani/Marcia Gay
Directed by Martin Brest

The Grim Reaper wants to learn why humans fear him. So 
he comes to earth in the body of Joe Black (a young man
who was recently killed by a speeding car). During 
Death's stay on earth, not a living sole can die. He 
becomes friends with patriarch William Parrish (Anthony
Hopkins) who in turn helps Death to understand the human
heart. And to complicate matters, Parrish just happens
to have a beautiful daughter (Claire Forlani) and Death 
finds himself falling in love with her.

       Laws Of Madness  (1998)
Brad Pitt/ Directed and Scripted by Chris Gerolmo/Based
on a novel by Michael Laudor

This adaptation of a Michael Laudor book true story of a 
24-year-old law student whose career dreams were 
jeopardized when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He
overcame the affliction, with the help of his father.

       Fight Club  (1998)
Brad Pitt/Edward Norton 
Directed by David Fincher/Based on a novel by Chuck 

Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), projectionist, waiter, and 
dark, anarchist genius and "my" (Edward Norton) alter
ego, is the inventor of the Fight Club--a group that 
encourages young men with good jobs and absent fathers
to take off their shoes and shirts...and fight. Tyler's
madness escalates until "I" find myself on the roof of
the tallest building in the country with an explosives
detonator in my hand...

       Dark Side of the Sun
Dark Side of the Sun isn't available even on video at 
this point. It was made in Yugoslavia when Brad was first
starting out---they said Brad was paid $1500/week for it,
a far cry from the $17 million he got for MJB!) Brad plays
a young man with some rare condition that makes it fatal 
for him to be exposed to the sun. In the clips I saw he 
rides around on a motorcycle encased head to foot in black 
leather. Then he falls in love and this makes him willing 
to risk dying by taking off the mask (mask? On Brad? Noooo!)
and coming out into the sunshine. In one part, he plays in 
the sea with a dolphin. They said when the war broke out,
the producers fled the country and it was only later that 
they could go back and try to recover the film 
(One cute note: they said that during production, someone 
broke into the production offices but the only things stolen
were pictures of Brad. A thief with taste!)  :)


Jennifer Aniston! gotta love her! 


Number 1: Katja von Garnier (31)
          She went to the premiere of 
          "Seven Years in Tibet" with Brad.

Number 2: Mar Saura (22)
          She's a model from Sweden, em, 
          what more can I say :)

Number 3: Nicole Appleton (24) 
          She's the gal most of us have heard of.
          She's in that band called "All Saints"

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